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El Periódico de Catalunya (Catalan: [əɫ pəɾiˈɔðiku ðə kətəˈɫuɲə]Spanish: [el peˈɾjoðiko ðe kataˈluɲa]) is a morning daily newspaper based in BarcelonaCataloniaSpain and owned by Grupo ZetaEl Periódico is actually two newspapers, publishing separate editions in Spanish (with a red nameplate) and in Catalan (distinguished with a blue nameplate). The two editions combined sell more than 150,000 copies per day, making El Periódico the second highest-circulated newspaper in the Catalan-speaking regions, behindLa Vanguardia which also publishes a Spanish and a Catalan version. Nationally, El Periódico is Spain's fifth-highest circulation general-interest daily.
The paper was founded in 1978 by Antonio Asensio Pizarro, to offer a progressive, Catalan paper connected to Catalan socialism. One of the most recent directors Rafael Nadal is the brother of the Catalan socialist leader Joaquim Nadal. It is regarded as an easy read[citation needed] as compared to other alternative newspapers, and its quite popular among working class people[citation needed]. Following the example of USA TodayEl Periódico later began to emphasize graphics and the use of color[citation needed]. Today, it prints every page in color and makes liberal use of charts and photos. It began a Catalan-language edition in mid-1990s. Previously, it was only published in Spanish.
Its current editor is Enric Hernàndez, previously chief of El País bureau in Catalonia.


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